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To quickly add to my previous post on the subject of DHCP4WHS... last week I came up with a new build of DHCP4WHS (0.8.4) which doesn't change much from the first build (0.8.2) and offers a few cosmetic and stability improvements (more cosmetic) for it's submission to the Code2Fame Challenge.

Also for your viewing pleasure (if you've got 4:52 to kill) I've also uploaded the video I recorded for it which is available for download here or on SoapBox:

Video: DHCP4WHS Demo

I must say though that I am rather regretting my capture mechanism as it looks quite poor when compared to the other other entry video I've seen, that from Andrew Grant (no relation) and his excellent add-in Whiist which gives users users a quick and easy way to add custom web sites to their Windows Home Server.

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