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New Home Server Add-in: Media Connect Controller

Even though Windows Home Server allows the creation of virtually unlimited shares... it only directly allows exposing of 3 of those shares via Windows Media Connect which enables other devices and PCs in the home to more easily access the content.

What happens if a person wants to have two or more separate music or video shares that are all available via WMC?

With Media Connect Controller (previously discussed)... this can now change.

Now this (on an Xbox 360):

360 - Standard View

can be turned into this:

360 - More Shares

Due to the release (and subsequent disappearance) of the HP MediaSmart Server More Media Sharing add-in, I was once again reminded of the need for this kind of functionality and wanted to make available this cleaner functioning version that still lacks some of the more advanced functionality I want to add at a later date.

How it works

The HomeServerControls assembly exposes a type named UIExposedShare which provides much more information (and control) than IShareInfo... one of the methods of control is enabling/disabling WMC for the given share (a topic I'll blog on in more detail another day).


Two options exist for configuring WMC for shares via this add-in, in a later version I will remove one of the methods... just as soon as I decide which one is preferred (likely Settings):

Option 1: Main Window

After installing the add-in...

  1. Launch the Windows Home Server Console
  2. Select the Media Connect Controller tab
  3. Select a share
  4. Click the Enable tool bar button

Media Connect Controller - Main View

Option 2: Settings Dialog

After installing the add-in...

  1. Launch the Windows Home Server Console
  2. Launch the Settings dialog
  3. Select the Media Connect Controller tab
  4. Locate desired share
  5. Select On/Off button to change state
  6. Click the OK to save changes and exit Settings

Media Connect Controller - Settings View


Uninstalling this add-in does not automatically revert WMC settings to their original state, instead prior to uninstalling this add-in a user should manually go through and enable/disable WMC for each share as desired.

Known issues

  • Updating of files in shares may take some time, a reboot of the WHS and/or the receiving device can speed this up.
  • State when set with Media Sharing tab may not be saved when Music/Photos/Videos share was previously enabled through Media Connect Controller. Fully closing the Home Server Console (or rebooting the machine) should resolve this.


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