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  • Re: When is the next meeting?

    We've been meeting the 2nd monday of the month, so the next meeting is today.
    Posted to New Members (Forum) by chrisortman on 09-08-2008
  • Using the find command to find non executable files

    I had a bunch of dll's I had checked out of a subversion repo that needed to have the execute bit set on them. Enter the find command. I have never had a great grasp on how to use find, but finally my laziness got the best of me such that I not only figured out how to use it to find the files I wanted, but also how to send them ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 06-14-2008
  • My new git alias

    git alias's are very handy and powerful. Frequently I want to look through the log and have a quick view of who did what, so I created this alias git config --global --add alias.who-did-what 'log --pretty="format:%an - %s"'   the output of which will be something like chriso - Fixed bug 145 matt - Added some neat ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 06-04-2008
  • Using ruby to syncronize some files

    eCRM uses several open source projects. When the open source project changes I need to get those changes, build the code on my machine and then copy the new dll's into eCRM's DependentFiles/<ProjectName> folder. I have this somewhat automated using ruby (more specifically rake) Here is a simple class called LibCopyclass ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 05-15-2008
  • altnetgeekcode

    Scott Hanselman started a little meme called the Geek Code generator. Check out his post here for the details. For the record, here's my geek code. Click the link to view. IOC(CW):MOC(RM):TDD(NU):TDD(Xu):TDD(Mb):SCC(Svn):SCC(Git):ORM(NH):XPP(?):DDD(T+):DDD(B+):DDD(+) Technorati Tags: altdotnet, geekcode
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-22-2008
  • Developer Exchange Program Pt2

    Check out this post by Steve Harman He explains some of what we talked about on Saturday night far more eloquently than I ever could. And if you need some help explaining to your boss why you want to to do this it might help. There seems to be a fair amount of interest in this idea and that is very encouraging. I pitched this idea to ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-21-2008
  • The Developer Exchange Program

    Just think, what if I came and worked with you for a week, and then you came and worked with me? I've been talking to several people here at #altdotnet and pitching this idea and it seems very well received. There are some obvious logistics to work out and it might be a difficult sell to management, but I think the payoff is very ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-20-2008
  • Command line history

    >history 1000 | awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a " " i}}' | sort -rn | head 116 git 98 ls 68 cd 55 shoes 19 mvim 12 mate 11 svn 10 vim 10 sudo 10 cat
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-17-2008
  • Using msbuild to create a bootstrapper for you installer

    I stumbled upon a nice task in MSBuild that you can use to create an executable file to install prerequisites for your application. I used to do this in the past with by just creating a Setup Deployment project setting prerequisites and holding onto the generated .exe The biggest problem with that was that it made it problematic to ship ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-16-2008
  • Hooking into new Nhibernate features from Castle ActiveRecord

    NHibernate has a lot of great new features. One of which is support for events. However, if you are using Castle ActiveRecord you can't specify these things in the configuration like you normally could and must instead roll up your sleeves and do it programatically. There are 2 hooks in ActiveRecord that we can use to accomplish our ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-09-2008
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