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  • Rails on Windows

    I really really would like to be able to use rails on windows (not just developing, but in production). My preference would be to use linux, however the powers that be resist non microsoft os&#39;s like its nobodys business. My first attempt is to use the new FastCGI for IIS. I figured this is my best bet since the more Microsoft technologies ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 09-05-2007
  • Getting profile data from ruby (using Powershell)

    Since I&#39;m on windows I&#39;m running this from powershell.ruby -r profile myprogram.rb 2&gt; prof.log This will turn on ruby&#39;s profiling which writes to STDERR. the 2&gt; catches that output and puts it into a file. Now after you run this there will be a bunch of noise in your prof.log file, so to remove it just dogc prof.log | where { ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 09-05-2007
  • Viewing server errors with open-uri

    I&#39;ve been doing some testing using open-uri but when my server returned an http 500 all I got on the ruby side was an Open::HTTPError. In order to view the actual error page returned by the server I needed to do something like this: &nbsp;begin resp = open(URL) puts &quot;Finished&quot; rescue OpenURI::HTTPError =&gt; err puts ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 09-05-2007
  • Software Developer at Martin Group

    Software Developer (Mitchell, SD; Rapid City, SD; Off-site) Martin Group has immediate openings for full-time Software Developers. These positions may be filled in either the Mitchell or Rapid City, South Dakota offices; or based on experience and qualifications, a qualified candidate may work out of a home office. ...
    Posted to Job Postings (Forum) by chrisortman on 08-21-2007
  • Mocking server objects from unit tests

    So heres the problem statement: I&#39;d like to be able to use WatiN tests to test my MonoRail views. But the controllers that render these views depend heavily on calling an external webservice that is large (in terms of number of methods and amount of data returned). Now I could setup a stub service and have my controllers call that, however I ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 08-17-2007
  • An Inconvenient Print Job

    Missy: &quot;Could you please print off these 2 recipies and bring them home&quot; Chris: &quot;Sure, happy to&quot; Chris: &quot;Oh wait...someone is printing 3000 (not exagerating) pages of emails and support incidents. I guess after I refill the tray, twice, so that this crap will finish printing maybe I can schedule some printer time ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 08-16-2007
  • Connecting to SQL Server 2005 with Ruby Sequel

    So here I was wanting to&nbsp;query some database tables that get populated during our build process and then modify some text files / source control based on what&#39;s in the table. Seemed like a good excuse to use some ruby but low and behold ActiveRecord doesn&#39;t seem to care for the structure of our database tables. Enter Sequel Sequel ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 08-10-2007
  • Notes from July 07 Meeting

    &nbsp; The meeting this month mostly focused on various tools to facilitate unit testing. We talked briefly about MbUnit For MBUnit + TDD.Net make sure you have Mbunit installed because needs it in GAC The guy that started MBUnit Peli got hired by Microsoft and is working on Pex Watin - Web Application Testing in .NET ...
    Posted to Meeting Notes (Forum) by chrisortman on 07-25-2007
  • Ooo Verizon is l33t

    Look ma, verizon is hip and cool because they&#39;re up on my lingo. I wonder what cat they had build their website. See if I enter teh text &quot;later&quot; into their text box and click a button it will instantly transform it into cool l33t speak. Before: &nbsp; After:
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 07-25-2007
  • Generating stored procedures to multiple files - SQL2005

    Remember that functionality in Enterprise Manager that let you generate scripts for all your stored procedures to multiple files? I guess no one used that feature because in SQL Management Studio (2005) that feature was removed. I found some information here&nbsp;that says it was put back in SP2. However SP2 is a 292MB download. So I started the ...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 07-24-2007
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