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  • Photos from the Jay Inslee town hall (8/30/2009)

    Do note the box sitting on top of the garbage next to the bench on the left... we&#39;ll come back to that later: Planned Parenthood was there as well... complete with pink shirts (shame it&#39;s not my color): Hand outs about the bill, unfortunately they aren&#39;t the most accurate given they to make the false claim that ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 08-31-2009
  • Are Seattle drivers that bad? Apparently so... are the pilots who fly here it seems. If you arent familiar with the Seattle area... its best to start with a map: While the city of Seattle is on the left side of the map, the East side (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, etc) rests on the right, separating them is Lake Washington over which run a pair of relatively narrow highways ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 07-17-2009
  • It better not happen again...

    On Wednesday night as I sat in my living room watching some Torchwood I heard someone fumble with my apartments door. Being puzzled I got up to see what was going on and was met by a person with a grocery bag in tow who opened the door, looked around for a moment, saw me and said oops, wrong apartment. That night I lay awake in bed with some ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 07-10-2009
  • An unfortunate contrast

    What does the Google home page show today? That&#39;s right on this the 65th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy Google honors.. Tetris: For comparison... Bing: &#160; CNN: Fox News: MSNBC: Shameful Google, shameful.
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 06-06-2009
  • When beta software attacks

    One of the (many) interesting parts about working at Microsoft is the opportunity to see, use, test and give feedback on early versions of a wide variety of products... it all depends on what your interests are and the openness of other teams. This evening while working with a beta service something rather strange happened, so strange that it ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 05-29-2009
  • And you want me to pay my bills ACS Education?

    In these times of a difficult economy and people struggling to make ends meat and pay their bills, its refreshing to see some companies offer options to current and future customers, be it car companies that will make your payments for you for a time, or even let you return your car if you lose your job, or credit card companies that take out ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 05-17-2009
  • Proof of Concept: Silverlight based VNC client

    Forward: I would advise not looking for potential meanings of the below post or infer potential new features of Windows Home Server as it all involves things I was doing on my own time and for my own nefarious purposes. The other weekend I had a little free time on my hands and thought: Wouldn&#39;t it be cool (and useful) if there was a Remote ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 05-16-2009
  • What’s wrong with this picture?

    ... and the answer is not that I was using Google: (click for larger) Do note the address:
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 05-12-2009
  • Weight Loss – 3 years (and 5 days) in

    With all that is going on both professionally and personally, I forgot to celebrate an important day on Sunday... the 3 year anniversary of me starting Nutrisystem! History thus far: Start (5/3/2006): 415.2 lbs End of Year 1 (5/3/2007): 291.2 (down 124) End of Year 2 (5/3/2008): 224.2 (down 191) 8/10/2008: 215 lbs (down 200.2) End of Year 3 ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 05-08-2009
  • Guess who I’m not buying?

    This Saturday night Im sitting here watching some Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban, I was writing an email to a former co-worker when a commercial break (which I normally ignore) caught my ear when I heard the following line and suddenly had to pay attention: ...and a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty backed by GM and the US Government um ...
    Posted to I Hate Linux (Weblog) by Anonymous on 05-02-2009
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