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  • Re: Meeting Times

     Monday works best for me, with Wednesday being a close 2nd place (except during Lent.)
    Posted to Suggestions & Questions (Forum) by Kwen on 05-07-2007
  • Re: May Meeting

    I plan on trying to be there.
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Kwen on 04-26-2006
  • VB6 to .NET Migration

    Here's a copy of the presentation I gave on April 19th, incase someone needs any of the tools I talked about.*edit*Attachment failed, so here's a link.
    Posted to Visual Studio 2005 (Forum) by Kwen on 04-19-2006
  • Marshaling, P/Invoke and WIN32API in .NET

    The full list of the WIN32API functions I need to reference in .NET is this: CreateSolidBrush, ScrollDC, FillRect, DrawText, InvalidateRect, DrawEdge, GetSysColorBrush, InvertRect, GetSysColor, FrameRect, SelectObject, and DeleteObject.   I found some MSDN articles that explained how to get RichTextBoxes to print their contents in ...
    Posted to Interop (Forum) by Kwen on 12-15-2005
  • CodeRush & Refactor!

    For those of you interested in CodeRush and/or Refactor!, here is the You can download a ''free'' limited version of Refactor! here: This version only works with Visual Basic .NET 2005 (sorry C#'ers!)  The initial download in the above link will give ...
    Posted to Meeting Notes (Forum) by Kwen on 10-19-2005
  • Re: Poll: New Domain Name

    I'm still sticking with (FYI, this board is not very FireFox friendly. )
    Posted to Suggestions & Questions (Forum) by Kwen on 05-02-2005
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