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  • Sharpening The Saw

    The past few years there have been a ton of blog posts on the ever growing flood of software development information out there and how hard it is to even pretend to keep up.  One post that stuck with me was labeled Everything You Know Will Be Obsolete in Five Years

    Anyway, it all comes down to how do software developers interested in staying current do so?  Recently, Scott Hanselman addressed this very issue with a post labeled after a great analogy, Sharpening the Saw.

    Myself?  I have tried hard to find the best resources that work for me and have found these that I like

    First, I love my RSS Feed  from this blog titled (most appropriately) Continuous Learner.  He skims the best development blogs out there and recaps some of the better ones in a simple itemized list would have taken me hours to do each week.

    For Podcasts, and specifically for .NET Developers, I agree with this list, Randy Pattersons Top 10 List of Podcasts - 4 of them anyway have long been on my list of favorites

    Do you have a resource that works for you that you would be willing to share?  Always looking for a great resource.

  • December User Meeting and Tools

    Scott Hanselman who blogs at has an annual blog post since 2005 in which he gathers suggestions, feedback, experience from his readers, and shares a compilation list of tools and utilities all developers should be aware of.

    This list is massive with great commentary on their function and subject area of these tools (with many of them being free) - I can honestly say that I have yet to see his annual list and not find a few tools that helped make me more productive. 

    The list (which is like drinking from a fire hydrant) is located here 

     I always enjoy hearing from others on tools and utilities they have found to be valuable.

    Check out this list and see if you spot anything you could be using.

    "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail" - Abraham Maslow.   (This quote always sticks with me - Brad)

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