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  • Hooking into new Nhibernate features from Castle ActiveRecord

    NHibernate has a lot of great new features. One of which is support for events. However, if you are using Castle ActiveRecord you can't specify these things in the configuration like you normally could and must instead roll up your sleeves and do it programatically. There are 2 hooks in ActiveRecord...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 04-09-2008
  • Refactoring in practice

    I've recently inherited some code that needs a bit of polish. Here's an example of one method I didn't like: /******************************************************** *Sunday == 1 and Saturday == 7 * In C#, Sunday == 0 and Saturday == 6 * *************************************************...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 10-16-2007
  • UriTemplate and extensions

    The UriTemplate is a new class in the .NET Framework 3.5 It provides a nice convenient way to parse variables from Uri's such that UriTemplate temp = new UriTemplate(" account/{accountid} "); Uri requestUri = temp.BindByPosition(baseUri, id.ToString()); Will give you http://localhost/account...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 09-07-2007
  • Mocking server objects from unit tests

    So heres the problem statement: I'd like to be able to use WatiN tests to test my MonoRail views. But the controllers that render these views depend heavily on calling an external webservice that is large (in terms of number of methods and amount of data returned). Now I could setup a stub service...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 08-17-2007
  • Here's a new one

    Just got this error when trying to invoke MSBUILD from the VS2005 command prompt. MSBUILD : warning MSB4056: The MSBuild engine must be called on a single-threaded-apartment. Current threading model is "MTA". Proceeding, but some tasks may not function correctly. It was working fine, and I...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 07-05-2007
  • How well does Resharper know me?

    I was in the process of setting up another unit test and realized...I really should just make a Resharper template for this. As I went to create the template I saw one setup exactly as I would want it which is like this: namespace $NAMESPACE$ { using MbUnit.Framework; using Rhino.Mocks; [TestFixture...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 06-15-2007
  • War is coming

    Jeremy suggests that Martin Fowler has fired a shot across MS's bow with his RubyMicrosoft post. At the same time we hear from Jamie that Microsoft is threatening legal action against TestDriven.NET I think that Leia can put a lot this into perspective for us: The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 05-31-2007
  • WCF Lessons

    Consider a datacontract like this: [DataContract] public class CreateAccountRequest { private string _accountNumber; private string _accountGroupCode; private AccountProfile _profile; private Contact _billingContact; [DataMember] public string AccountNumber { get { return _accountNumber; } set { _accountNumber...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 05-11-2007
  • Resharper vs RefactorPro

    Doug Rohm mentioned today on his preference of RefactorPro (DevExpress) vs Resharper (JetBrains). I've also used both but I found that I liked the Resharper functionality much better. One of my favorites is alt+insert to generate getters / setters and constructors, something I never found in RefactorPro...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 06-14-2006
  • MSBuild Gotchas

    Here's a couple of MSBuild gotchas... When specifying paths to your Include / Exclude ItemGroups make sure to use backslashes (\) I've found that forward slashes (/) seem to make the exclusion not guess is that they compare it against the current search using back slashes on the search item...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 06-08-2006
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