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  • Which for Windows

    One thing I love about *nix is the which command which will tell me where a certain file is located if it is in my path. Say I have patch.exe in my path somewhere, but I don't know where, here's a quick powershell script to find out: foreach($ p in $env:path. split (" ; ")) { gci $...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 01-14-2008
  • Getting profile data from ruby (using Powershell)

    Since I'm on windows I'm running this from powershell. ruby -r profile myprogram.rb 2> prof. log This will turn on ruby's profiling which writes to STDERR. the 2> catches that output and puts it into a file. Now after you run this there will be a bunch of noise in your prof.log file...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 09-05-2007
  • Finding deleted files in subversion

    So I have to update my wix installer today and I need to remove files that I have deleted from my project. Subversion + Powershell makes this easy svn log -r 4606:HEAD -v | where {$_ -match "^ D" } 4606 was revision of the last time I updated the installer, so I ask subversion for all changes...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 06-07-2007
  • Getting some test data from powershell

    I want to test out a form I'm working on and I want to ensure that the requirement of "input must be less than 255 characters is met" So I just want a string that is at least that long that I can paste into the text area, quick and easy from powershell 0..255 | %{$q += "x" };...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 05-22-2007
  • Using Powershell to see how much work it will be to replace several calls.

    I was using the brail view engine yesterday and ran into a problem . So I wanted to be able to find all the places I was calling ToString( ) on a variable and passing in a format. Powershell makes this nice and easy. gci -recurse -include *.brail | Select-String "ToString" So here's what...
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 05-18-2007
  • Free powershell book

    Picked up this link here for a free powershell book. FYI...the button on the left is the one to continue
    Posted to chrisortman (Weblog) by chrisortman on 05-11-2007
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