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John Edwards: "A Continuum of Care"

What could be worse than Hillarycare where employers would be forced to provide health insurance for their employees?

Why John Edwards' new plan that would require every citizen to be covered AND seek preventative care.

This all begs the question.. what happens if someone refuses to go in for an annual checkup?

Do you drop their coverage? No... everyone is required to be covered.

Raise their rates or fine then? Sounds like a regressive system that would only hurt the poor to me.

Haul them into the doctors office? I can see it now... SWAT teams compromised of MD's and nurses armed with stethoscopes, thermometers and gauze breaking down doors and swinging through windows yelling:

Doctors FREEZE! Mr Johnson, you are late for your annual checkup and we have a warrant for your prostate exam... now drop your pants and get your hands where I can see them! <snap>


Come to think about it... I rather like the sound of that.. just so long as we have some doctors who act like Jack Bauer I'll be happy with this plan that was described as:

The whole idea is a continuum of care, basically from birth to death

On second thought no... being the fan of liberty I am I rather like the idea of self determination and having the choice to NOT seek medical attention for myself and NOT burden the tax payers with my treatment.

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