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November 2008 - Posts

  • Laptop woes and wahoos

    What’s worse than having your 5 year old POS of a laptop die on you midway through a 2+ week long out of state vacation?

    To have the much needed bag of screws that I collected when I was disassembling the laptop in my uncles living room in North Dakota while trying to troubleshoot the problem (turned out to be a short due to a frayed monitor cable) go MIA after I finish putting back together the LCD assembly after the needed replacement parts arrived!

    I remember seeing the bag of screws yesterday when I got back from my trip… I’ll just be damned if I know where it went.

    All is not lost though.. the MSI Wind I picked up at Best Buy for $350 a couple of days later is one hell of a machine. The keyboard took a bit of getting used, the battery is smaller than I’d like and the case has a tenancy to make audible snap or crack sounds when being held (but not during use)… but I still love this little thing. It would have been nice though if they would have left the ram user accessible.

  • Proof that global warming has ended?

    This evening while sitting in the living room of an aunt and uncle in Bismark North Dakota and discussing the news of the pirates who attacked, captured and are ransoming a Saudi owned super tanker I got a thinking of the following graph which is a well known part of Pastafarianism:

    Could it be… that the increase in piratical activity around the continent of Africa is a sign that global warming is at last at an end and as a result of the upcoming decline in global average temperatures, rum, eye-patches and Johnny Depp movies will be making a return?

    Wait! I can’t get away from Captain Morgan commercials, talk like a pirate day aficionados and an endless barrage of Johnny Depp movies… so it must be true!

    Huzzah! Now where did I put my coat and hat!

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