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Normal sized clothing stores

For as long as I can remember I've always been shopping at stores like Casual Male XL as they were the only ones who had my ridiculously large sizes (4xlt & 5xlt) and now that I've come down significantly I'm slowly looking into other options as it is becoming more and more clear just how expensive the clothing is there... even when it's not a larger size and this problem is made doubly worse when one finds that it is getting harder and harder to find my size as my size decreases.

While in Sioux Falls the other day I stopped into the local store to see if there was anything on the clearance rack that I couldn't pass up, and had the salesman mention that there was a deal on the jeans that normally they run $45 a piece but if you buy 2 you can get them for $40 each. I was shocked.

I pointed down and said "I paid $20 for these jeans and even with a 10 inch larger waist it was they were just $24 a pop."

He admitted that if it wasn't for his employee discount (30% normally, 50% 4 special times per year) he wouldn't be shopping there.

Since my last trip to a normal sized clothing store (21.8 lbs ago) I've done a bit of looking around and am not liking what I'm seeing as very few places carry tall shirts, and those that do the selection is horribly limited and not always very long... I stand 6'4" and I need height, lots of it, none of this "we'll add an extra 1/2-1" to the bottom of the shirt and call it tall" stuff.

After finding nothing at the Casual Male XL store I decided to stop by the local Kohl's (at the suggestion of the CM XL clerk) and take a look around. After about 5 min of casual looking I asked a clerk: "Would I be correct in thinking that it's pretty much a crap shoot as to you having tall sizes?"

According to her they *maybe* get one or two per shipment.

Perhaps it's time for a new store in Sioux Falls... "Just XLT"

Lucky for me though it's not important just yet as I still am a hair too big for straight XLT's and am only keeping my eye out for cheap things to add to the closet for when I'm ready to make the step down.

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