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Attention: Dozier Internet Law

This blog post is to inform you that when your underlings inevitably track down my home to serve me with notice that you are suing me for copyright infringement (as per my earlier demand), they will notice that I am not at my residence in Madison, SD and will not be for several days.

I regret to inform you that I am visiting a friend in Minnesota until Monday and should return home to my place around 10-11pm on Monday the 15th.

That being said... if you just can't wait to sue me for violating your copyrights and whatever other bogus charges you may concoct, I can be found staying at my fathers home in Fridley, MN... otherwise you'll have to wait to serve me then.

To my 3 regular readers and all others recently discovering this blog due to Dozier Internet Law's irrational and possibly corrupt dealings with the internet and those who wish to voice an opinion that they and/or their clients find offensive/disagreeable/wrong, I apologize for not being as vocal on this issue as I had planned, that should change a bit within the next week or two as my time clears up a bit.

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