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Dozier Internet Law actions indirectly limiting research?

Previously I've written about Dozier's representation of a fraudulent spyware maker as well as the managing partner previously claiming that sites like Infomercial Scams were legal and immune. Both were discovered with a quick Google search for their name and a small bit of reading.

I'm sad to say though that that is becoming less and less useful as the actions of Dozier now that the Streisand effect is in full effect which has lead to countless new links in the search results that make it harder and harder to find other information on them.

As of this post, it appears that a full 15 of the top 30 hits on Google for 'Dozier Internet Law' are links to pages critical of them.

As upset as John Dozier and the others at Dozier Internet Law must be, I too am rather upset as it means I have to work that much harder to do legitimate Google based research on them and their past dealings.

One hopes that the folks over at Dozier Internet Lawsuits, a blog dedicated to 'Keeping an eye on the "Cyber Trial Lawyer"' will be able to do a better job of wading through all of it than me.

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