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Dozier Internet Law: Don't push the big red button

One of the most hilarious and obviously futile moves (amongst so many) from our friends at Dozier Internet Law with it's to portray itself as a respectable and knowledgeable firm has been their user agreement that denies browsers permission to view the source code of their web site.

What happens when you tell a group of geeks not to do something? Look! And look they have... reviewing the heck out of the code and posting it all over the place on sites like Slashdot, the Something Awful forums, DSLReports, and the Empty Rhetoric blog.

In that spirit, today I've got two pieces of satire on this issue, one by me and one I found over in the comments of a blog post discussing this very same issue.

Click to zoom:



#2 comes courtesy of Miss Cellania of and is in the style of, a site that makes me hate cats (I'm very allergic) a bit less), while the first is in the same theme that I've been using for the last two (1) (2)(just because it's so darn easy).

At first glance one might actually believe them that their source code is their own 'intellectual property'... but then this is the same firm that has previously tried to use copyright to prevent people from reading or speaking... perhaps they are horribly ashamed that their site doesn't validate properly according to the W3C specs.

You'd think that a firm that claims to protect 'the Reputations and the Intellectual Property of Businesses on the Web' would care a wet slap about their own reputation, but then I guess John Dozier and the rest there have never heard the the rule about being in a hole...

When you are in a hole... STOP DIGGING!

Stop digging John, now it's just getting pathetic.

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