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This is going to hurt

After a brief discussion over on the Windows Home Server forums and a longer talk with a Windows Server admin sort of guy... a brilliant idea for a WHS Add-in came to mind... one so mind bogglingly simple (to the user) that requires a dozen or two Win32 API calls to various Windows Server 2003 DLL's and just 2 calls to WHS APIs.

Unfortunately I think it such a neat idea (although not very novel) that I've got to do it myself... despite my hand problems which are considerably worse this week due to teaching MOC 4994.

As I type this my students work on an exercise on XML Web Services and I track down all of the different API's I think I'm going to need to call to make my add-in work.

The question now becomes how long will I last this weekend (shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to wire things up (once I get the APIs working)) after this week and after a day or two of heavy coding and testing.

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