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Phase One: DFS

Despite my earlier estimate... I'm now expecting that my new WHS add-in will take significantly longer than first expected... largely because of the fights with the Win32 API.

Currently (first of 3 separate API sets I need to work with) I'm implementing support for the Windows Distributed File System which requires 7 (for my purposes) or so API calls and while all are documented on MSDN, only a handful are on or blog posts (yes once I'm done I'll share some of what I've come up with)... so I get to spend plenty of time writing my own definitions and plugging away at them, making sure I understand exactly what it is expecting when the MSDN docs are less than clear.

I dunno about you... but I really am no fan of marshalling pointers to arrays of structures.

I'm happy to say though that despite all of this, I've implemented and got working 5 of the 7 API calls I need, think I've identified #6 and have yet to figure out how to accomplish the 7th task.

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