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More waiting

Not hearing anything from HD#2's offices nor from the Mayo Clinic regarding my last visit, I gave HD#2 a call last week... and again yesterday to see if everything had been sent out, if the required letter of medical necessity had been written and sent to my insurance company and when/if I should begin to worry about not yet hearing anything from the Mayo Clinic.

At long last I got my answer... despite being told it would only take a few days to collect my info and mail it off... they are still trying to collect everything... which means (from my prospective) NOTHING has gotten done over the last three weeks.

Damn it.

Despite how bad this crap is... I do need to keep reminding myself that even under the state run/paid for systems that some presidential candidates are pushing... what I am seeing (and have experienced) in past is likely faster and better than what would be achieved under a single payer health plan.

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Published Oct 30 2007, 09:08 AM by I Hate Linux
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