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Edge cases and polishing

Some say that that the majority of developers are psychologically incapable of adequately testing their own code (outside of unit testing) because subconsciously they know where their program works and where it doesn't and will avoid straying from the path so that their program keeps working great.

I admit it... I'm one of those developers.

Right now I'm having the fun of forcing myself down random paths to test strange edge cases for my new Windows Home Server add-in... cases that it would be more than fair for me to just say say "Sorry, but you did something I told you not to do and now this add-in cannot clean up after itself"... but I'm not.

Technically everything I am doing is unsupported by Microsoft as I'm using a number of Windows subsystems that shouldn't ordinarily be used by a Windows Home Server user... in fact normal use of them could even violate the end user license agreement.

What I'm trying to do this evening is do my best to make sure that even if a user enables DFS and dinks around with that or other such systems, I'm able to gracefully handle dang near anything the user might have done.

That being said... grrr.

Once I've got those edge cases accounted for... I need to improve my logging and I'll be all set.


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Published Nov 14 2007, 09:14 PM by I Hate Linux
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