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Spam from Dozier Internet Law worse than previously thought

Late last week I broke the story about the willful violation of Google's policies with their spamming of Google's index with worthless doorway pages, I've since uncovered even more domain they use for this purpose:

That's right, in addition to the previously discussed 8433 words of Google spamming fun, these new 5 domain names add another 9962 words to the mix.

Believe it or not... the news doesn't end here. Oh no, Dozier Internet Law gives us yet another reason to respect and think highly of them.

Not only is Dozier risking penalization or delisting by Google... they are also associating with some of the lowest scum of the web... domain squatters and those who register domains with the sole purpose of serving up ads.

After just a few minutes with Google and only searching for "Dozier Internet Law" I was easily able to find these spam listings, all appearing to be sponsored by Dozier or one of their agents:

Google View #1:

Google Link - 1

Spam Page #1:

Spam Page - 1

Google Page #2:

Google Link - 2

Spam Page #2:

Spam Page - 2

Google Page #3:

Google Link - 3

Spam Page #3:

Spam Page - 3

Google Page #4:

Google Link - 4

Spam Page #4:

Spam Page - 4

Google Page #5:

Google Link - 5

Spam Page #5:

Spam Page - 5

Like my previous post, all links to sites owned or run by Dozier Internet Law links contain the rel="nofollow" tag so as to keep this post from benefiting them in anyway.

Don't forget about the Google Report A Spam Result page.

Read the complete post at

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