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Huzzah! Lower Back Support!

If you can believe it, with all of the weight I've lost (~165lbs so far) over the last year and a half I've actually encountered more problems then benefits (something I really need to blog about) and one of those problems is that I no longer fit well in my car seat due to my previous size bending and shaping it in ways that the factory never intended.

For the last year or so I've been hunting for a replacement that matched my interior and was in as good, if not better condition than my old one and at last I found one at Johns Auto Parts, a wee little place in the DPRM that had not one, but two seats to choose from, something my local bone yard which is ~4x larger didn't have, but wanted even 4x as much to ship one in that was in even worse condition than what I had (upholstery wise).

Christmas came early for me this year, thanks dad!

To give you an idea of just how bad the old seat with ~125,000 miles on it:

Old seat

Frame tearing through

Frame tearing through

Midway through I realized that I should have done this when I had a shop vac around to clean a bit:

I should have cleaned

And when all done, a new (to me) seat with *only* 80,000 miles:

New (to me) seat

No longer will my back hurt or have the seat frame tear through the fabric and cause damage to belts and shirts.


One little problem has already been discovered (aside from this new seat needing a visit with a shop vac) is that I forgot another reason why my seat had been so horribly altered over the 4 years and 106,000 miles I've had it... I'm tall enough that I've either got to lean back in the seat or crank it up to a good position for my lower back and slouch.

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