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Mayo: Damn it!

At long last we heard something from the Mayo Clinic about the problem 8 or so MD's I'd already seen in 3 states couldn't figure out.

They agreed with one quack who I saw (and later fired) for far longer than I should of who thought that my problems were likely of type of somatoform disorder. Translation: mostly in my head.

His only suggestion was to perhaps see a doctor out in Boston (because an airplane ticket is so affordable when you are on the verge of bankruptcy due to 9+ months of being unemployed) who happens to specializes in somatoform disorder.

Oddly enough, this the same one it seems that was suggested by HD#4, but for different reasons.

Given the time it took to even get this from the Mayo, as well as approval from my insurance company for a trip (which now seems extremely unlikely), any suck trip to Boston would be 100% out of pocket as it is more than likely that by the time I would be able to get there, it'd be after January 1st.

What's so special about that day? Because of the cost of my initial surgery and a few other expensive tests (EMG, spinal MRI, and bone scan), my out of pocket costs for my insurance has been met... for this year, so come January 1st it all becomes out of pocket again.

Damn it.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go buy some lottery tickets as that now seems to be my one remaining hope.

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Published Nov 28 2007, 03:11 PM by I Hate Linux
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