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New Home Server Add-in: Tab Scroller

Do you use a lot of Home Server add-ins?

Do you have so many Home Server Console tabs that you hand begins to hurt as you click through them all?

Do you wish that the list was scrollable?

Well now it is!

As hinted at yesterday...


Tab Scroller hooks into some of the undocumented bowels of the Home Server Console to allow you to scroll through your tab list (when selected) with your mouse wheel and even removes itself from view moments after being loaded so as to stay out of the way.

Download Here

Intended Audience

Any Windows Home Server user with 7 or more Home Server Console tabs.

Note: This add-in can be installed on machines with less than 7, however on such systems it can cause some visual artifacts (non-functional scrolling buttons, an empty space where this add-in used to be) only so long as the add-in is installed and there are less than 7 tabs.


1. Download the installer
2. Copy installer to your \\servername\Software\Add-ins\ directory
3. Install through the Home Server Console Settings dialog
4. Re-launch the Home Server Console


After launching the Home Server Console, use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down through the list.

If nothing happens, click on one of the tabs (so as to give the container holding them focus) and try scrolling again.


This add-in came about yesterday due to the frustration that I expect many add-in developers and users have experienced, of having to manually scroll through a long list to find just the one they are looking for, and despite the tab list in the Settings dialog being scrollable, the one on the main form is not, so I decided to change that.

A while back I wrote an experimental add-in named Form Hacker which used reflection to navigate through the relationships between the Home Server Console forms and the controls they contained, through which I learned enough to be dangerous and pull things off like this and my as yet unblogged about add-in Tab Reorderer.

Final Word

It must be said that this add-in uses numerous bits of undocumented functionality of the Windows Home Server Console and can be rendered non-functional at any time with a future Home Server update.

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