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Updated: Web Folders 4 WHS

Today I am making available the latest build of Web Folders 4 WHS (version 0.6.2) which is largely a cosmetic upgrade from the previous version (version 0.6.0) and includes some new eye candy for more easily identifying folders and whether they are web enabled or not:

WebFolders4WHS 0.6.2

In addition, an updated Instructions document has been created with removal guidance as well as some information on how to manually remove everything configured by the add-in in the unlikely event (something that has not been encountered yet) that the add-in and it's configuration cannot be removed using the suggested method.

The Dreaded Warning

After being greeted with this warning in the previous version:

WebFolders4WHS Warning

some became worried about the stability of my add-in and what it could do to their system.

I want to make clear that as yet I have received no reports of data loss, reduction of system stability or performance, famine, flood or death as a result of the use of this add-in. Despite that, this add-in still relies on a number of unsupported Windows Home Server sub-systems (but supported portions of the Windows Small Business Server which serves as the basis for WHS) and simply exists as a warning of that.

At a later date I will replace the current warning with a less intrusive one.

Upgrading from Previous Version

Any users using the initial release of this add-in are advised to uninstall the previous version, download the new one and install it.

You are NOT required to remove the previous configuration prior to this upgrade.

Without further delay, the files:

Note that Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306) is still required on client machines if not already installed.

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