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WHS Dev Tips: Correction

On Monday and Tuesday I made a horrible mistake in the two part WHS Dev Tip on remote and local debugging as I completely forgot about the static Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls property that can be used to get around debug time exceptions such as this one:

Invalid Operation Exception

Both tips #9 and #9.5 have been updated to reflect this new information and to make working with Express sound less full of doom and gloom.

I must admit that until very recently... I didn't know about this property as I had no need for it. When I'd have an issue with an illegal cross thread operation in my code, I'd fix it as I'm quite anal about fixing easily reproduced bugs and not just suppressing them.

None the less the underlying problem that lead to my initial statements of doom and gloom are still accurate... the Home Server Console is doing some illegal cross threading, something that really should be fixed.

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