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Windows Home Server Power Pack 1

As you already now know, the Windows Home Server team has announced Windows Home Server Power Pack 1.

I like this... big time.

Not only does it mean that the long awaited 64-bit connector software will soon be ours (soon being sometime during the vague 'first half of 2008'), but also that Windows Home Server is not a normal product that you buy and get bug patches for... but is also one that (in theory) Microsoft will be extending over time as well (granted, Power Pack 1 could end with a similar fate to Quake II Netpack 1: Extremities (ie being the only pack)).

As useful as 64-bit support (for my Media Center box) and the other added features will be, I think the most important part of PP1 (for me) is going to be the ability (or at least a mechanism to attempt) to prepare a corrupted backup database as I've had plenty of issues with this (I still suspect them to be hardware related) and the only way to resolve the error is to completely wipe out all backups or the entire WHS.

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