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WHS Idea: Silverlight Uploader

After the announcement of Power Pack 1, on10 posted an interview yesterday with Windows Home Server Product Planning Manager Todd Headrick discussing it and it's relation to overall Home Server development (ie it sounds like PP1 will be alone for the time being and focus will move to the next major version)

One of the discussed features was the new that the new upload mechanism that borrows code from the Windows Live SkyDrive team and their upload mechanism... which is currently only supported on IE6 and IE7.

Granted I'm a IE7 user... I'm rather surprised to see that there is no similar option for Windows based FireFox users... let alone the half a dozen Macintosh users out there or that one Linux guy in the corner thinking he's not alone.

Then it hit me... how soon until something similar based on Silverlight?

I've little doubt that after the final 2.0 release and it's itty bitty CLR that the Home Server Team will support Silverlight it in one way or another either in the current or a future version of Windows Home Server... but why should that stop some clever third party developer who wants to create that add-in that supports the current alpha code (or upcoming beta code).

No... that developer wont be me. I've got a couple other things on my plate before I sit down to learn Silverlight.

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