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Amazing New Add-in: Disk Management

After first seeing the announcement of Sam Wood's new Disk Management add-in I cursed at being beaten out of the door with a tool to help a user figure out which drive is which in their Home Server Console as my attempt kept getting pushed back due to other priorities.

Then I used it... and was thrilled, and floored.

Not only does it provide a fairly nice user interface, it also includes some undocumented functionality for adding and removing disks making it (in some parts) a replacement for the Storage Management tab.

Great job Sam!


One other fairly impressive thing about this is that Sam isn't just a WHS add-in author... but also a blogger on the subject of 4GW (4th Generation Warfare).

(Take a look at this this quick post from my buddy Dan (aka tdaxp) for a quick primer on the generations of warfare)

Part of what makes the subject so interesting (as well as the talk of 5GW) is that many of it's implications also have parallels in software development with regards to overall agility of strategy and resources.

Read the complete post at

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