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Coming Soon: Tab Management

Last month I mentioned a proof of concept add-in I was working on to change the way a user looks at some of the tabs in the Home Server Console.

I'm pleased to say that this add-in still proceeds (granted fairly slowly over the last month) and with any luck will be available in an early form before too long.

It works quite well today... only it needs a little more polishing, eye candy (not to mention a fair bit more testing) before I'll make it available.

The current build gives a better look when expanding and hiding the secondary tab list.


Tab Management - Main View


Tab Management - Hidden

Part of the delay was figuring out a good way to not display tabs in the main console view... but still make them available in the Settings panel:

Tab Management - Settings

A bit of work remains with regards to preserving existing tab order (on both sides) as well as other general sorting.

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