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Blast you Verizon!

Here in South Dakota there are two main cell phone providers... Verizon Wireless and Alltel (formerly Cellular One) and when I first got a cell phone back in 2002 I went with Verizon because they had far better coverage in the area... a decision I've largely regretted ever since.

As great as Verizon coverage is throughout the state, I've often regretted it they have a history of seemingly needlessly crippling their phones (disabling OBEX, removing the ability to transfer audio files directly from a memory card to the phones memory (but still allowing the same file to be attached to a text message, sent to the phone (from the same phone), and then stored to the phone), just to name a few.

Another reason I've regretted my going with them was their general refusal to compete based on price, performance or features.

Now though that seems to have changed with the rumors of unlimited calling plans being true.

$100/month for an unlimited calling plan (for a limited time)... very tempting (and very expensive), especially in a month when I'm dangerously low on minutes.

I guess this means that next month when I make my big move I may not be switching to a GSM carrier as I have long vowed... so long as they quit leaving Wi-Fi out of the majority of their smartphones.

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