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Moving Day + (-1)

Twas the night before moving day and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a tv...

No... that doesn't sound right. No TV and no beer make Brendan something something.

Tomorrow the packers and movers come to load up virtually everything I own into the back of a truck and drive it out to Washington for me.

In preparation for this I've spent lots of time doing various bits of packing, cleaning and sorting to make the move easier. Today was crunch day when a packer came by to crate up my tv, a couple friends came by to buy my chest freezer (oh how I'll miss being able to have ~100 lbs of frozen meat at hand) and some others to loan me a shop vac (so I could vacuum out my car before the drive).

Of course the whole time I was trying to pawn off whatever I could here and there to people who were here and I thought might want it... or who I think I could get to take it.

Need some super-duper long power cables? I've got a whole box.

Want an old Gateway 2000 Mouse Pad? Have two!

Want a giant spool table (I'll take some pictures tomorrow)? Please, I wont have room for it, come on, you know you want to be hip and trendy with a spool.

During this whole process a pair of Mormon Missionaries came by (I see them ~6 months) to try to sway me and we got a chatting, they offered to help me move and I tried to pawn stuff off on them... got one of them to take a couple of old Garfield books off my hands and nearly had him sold on a 24 port 10Mbs network hub... sadly he refused.

Most of the big things I wanted to do before this move have been done... I've eaten at a few of my favorite local (and/or regional restaurants)... all that remains really is collecting all of those little bits I cannot live without for the next 2-6 weeks (or don't trust outside of my control (ie firearms)), a few early morning errands in town, meet up with some friends tomorrow evening for some going away drinks and dinner, make a few last minute stops in Sioux Falls on Tuesday morning and finally hit the road ~10 am for a new life in a new state with a new job.

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