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Maybe this state isn't so bad

Those who know me know I haven't been overly thrilled with the Seattle area and what I've seen of Washington in general as it's just too big/crowded/busy of a place.

The news last week of the Washington Governor being refused entry to a bar because she didn't have an id on her I had to have faith... yesterday though I saw/heard awesomeness.

Back in South Dakota it was not uncommon to walk out of my house and hear cows mooing in the distance... this evening after I walked out of Building 43 I heard a sound in the distance I'd not heard outdoors in quite some time... bag pipe music and after a bit of exploration I found a 5 bag pipe players and 5 drummers on top of the building 41 parking garage... unfortunately moments after they saw me they quit so I left... but still neat to see.

Today though, just before getting home to finish this blog post I saw something that swung things back into the bad column... while waiting to cross the last street on my way home I saw a maroon Toyota Prius with a large hammer and sickle emblem on the hood.

I knew there were communists around here... but I didn't think many would be so bold.

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