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Must resist urge to spend money...

My favorite Microsoft product (Windows Home Server) is made successful not only through great software, but also through the availability of inexpensive massive hard drives (and plenty of them) and last month when Seagate announced their upcoming 1.5 terabyte disk... there were quite a few smiles to be seen as it was another sign of the importance of disk storage and how important a product like Windows Home Server is with effectively using it.

<side note>... I really need to stop listening to the marketing folks don't I?</side note>

Like many I'd been wondering when these bad boys would be coming to market and for how much... and today I heard it through the grape vine today that Seagate has gone on sale with their massive ST31500341AS's for an MSRP of ~$300... but it seems Amazon is now selling them for $215.99... oh so tempting despite my typical price point for buying HD's is ~$100-$120.

As things sit today, my Home Server today has a nice 2.5 terabytes of disk space within (1x500gb & 3x750gb) and currently *only* have ~500 gigs free... I just may need to think about swapping out one of those 750's one of these weeks... oh so tempting.

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