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New Palin Conspiracy Theory

What does a guy do when he’s going to take a break from some work for the evening? Sit down, watch a bit of TV and come up with conspiracy theories of course! They are all the rage right now aren’t they?

So I was going through tonight’s episode of Hannity & Colmes in preparation for the Sarah Palin speech later this evening and when responding to a question from Alan Colmes, Karl rove said in part:

You cannot do anything about her fundamental record as somebody who stood up on the city council and took on the incumbent mayor, as somebody who stood up and took on the incumbent governor and who has roiled the political establishment in the state of Alaska from the get go.

(It’s important to note that at least in the case of the gubernatorial race (I do not know on the mayoral race) that she beat the incumbent (of her own party) in the primary)

Should the McCain/Palin ticket win in 2008... does that mean that Sarah Palin might run against John McCain in 2012 if McCain lets her down between now and then?

Months ago we heard calls for McCain to run on a pledge of only running for a single term... could this have been something planned for from the beginning in case McCain for one reason or another chooses not to seek reelection in 2012?

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