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Laptop woes and wahoos

What’s worse than having your 5 year old POS of a laptop die on you midway through a 2+ week long out of state vacation?

To have the much needed bag of screws that I collected when I was disassembling the laptop in my uncles living room in North Dakota while trying to troubleshoot the problem (turned out to be a short due to a frayed monitor cable) go MIA after I finish putting back together the LCD assembly after the needed replacement parts arrived!

I remember seeing the bag of screws yesterday when I got back from my trip… I’ll just be damned if I know where it went.

All is not lost though.. the MSI Wind I picked up at Best Buy for $350 a couple of days later is one hell of a machine. The keyboard took a bit of getting used, the battery is smaller than I’d like and the case has a tenancy to make audible snap or crack sounds when being held (but not during use)… but I still love this little thing. It would have been nice though if they would have left the ram user accessible.

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