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Seattle area weather haiku

The Seattle area has had some issues with snow over the last few days and due to a less than favorable plow-to-person ratio (tm) 2008 Brendan Grant (yes I hereby trademark in text that phrase I’ve used for quite some time (including during my Microsoft job interview at least twice)) the area has more or less shutdown. Roads are near empty with mostly just 4-wheel drive vehicles out and about (I’ve yet to see a single Prius on the road), the Microsoft Redmond campus is nearly deserted between some folks on vacation and other not able to get out of their houses due to snowed & iced over roads.

This morning things got a little more creative than just “_____ is an ice rink, wth” (wfh = working from home) on the team email alias as people emailed in as unable to make it to the office, below are some memorable quotes from members of the Windows Home Server team today (in order):

A white blanket lies
On the roads, threatening death
I’m working from home

The blanket lies not.
No benefit tempting fate
when VPN works.

Said _____ while looking at snow,
To the office I really should go.
    But I would get wet;
    Instead I’ll just get
Another cuppa this joe.

(I’ll see your haiku and raise you a limerick.)

Said ____ I just don’t understands
Why people whose names end in ____
Think there’s too much snow
To give work a go
Who knows where this limerick lands?

Should ____________ pass away
Then I would go outside and play
    But it really is broke
    And I want it to smoke
So I’m stuck to my screen night and day.

A boy living on a slick hill
To work drive his hummer he will
His commute won't last
He'll drive pretty fast
Since most other folks will sit still

(names have been removed so as to protect the fearful of the snow, ice, cold and skidding)

Microsoft blogger extraordinaire Raymond Chen also has some commentary on the weather from those at the Fargo, North Dakota campus.

Best part IMO:

Roads: In light of the continuing snowfall and icy road conditions, most local roads are snow-covered and slippery and will remain that way until March. For information on current road conditions, please look out the window.

Photos of my own of this so called ‘snow’ event should follow tomorrow.

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