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UPS: Ruiner of vacations

I still need to post a full write up of the glorious vacation I had back in November... however I pause to say that UPS has effectively ruined the vacation and cost me dearly as a result.

While back in South Dakota hunting I was successful in taking two deer and left the meat of at a local (to where I was hunting) market back with instructions to ship it out to me once complete, something they did back on 12/15 and with an ETA of 12/19. Given the date I made it a point to stick around the house that day waiting for it and despite my concerns given the weather that it might not come, was assured by FIVE separate people, including one in person that there would in fact be a delivery attempt that night.

Long story short, they didn't make an attempt and despite other assurances I was not able to pick the package up myself that night or the next day.

Why? They couldn't find it. Yes, they admitted that to me.

For a full 10 days the package was simply listed as "OUT FOR DELIVERY" and only at 6:10pm this evening, only after the meat locker called to complain did they finally miraculously find the package and make a delivery attempt.

Something tells me I should have had her call a week and a half ago.

While the drivers claim that it was still probably still frozen, I for one am not willing to put my health (or that of co-workers who I'd planned to share the meat with) on the line when during the last few days it has been over 40 (into the danger zone for food), and that during a stretch of 9 days of being above freezing.

So this post.. is intended to be a big ole thank you to UPS. Had I known you were so incapable of tracking packages and shipping perishable goods, I would have donated the meat to South Dakota Sportsman Against Hunger or made other arrangements for its shipment.

Instead 37 lbs of very valuable and delicious venison has almost certainly gone bad, meat that will not be replaceable until next November when the South Dakota deer hunting season picks up again.

So once again... Thanks UPS!

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