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Since moving to the Seattle area I've encountered many new different sorts of people (more on that another day)... unfortunately I've also seem to have found a few… seemingly insane people, the most recent case involved a person who kept insisting that I stop IMing them... even when it was she who was IMIng me repeatedly.

Yes... I could have just blocked her and ended things... though I was curious just how much she intended to harass me so I kept watching and even warned her that if she continued this that I would report the general incident and the threats made during it to the police. Unfortunately she was undeterred and continued the previous shenanigans, even including IMs demanding that I stop IMing her... take this portion of the chat log (edited to remove names of offending party and expletives but not for actual order or content or messages, what you see below is what we both said during the interval in question, do note the time stamps):

5/1/2009  11:18:46 AM  Them: STOP MESSAGING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/1/2009  11:18:57 AM  Them: STOP
5/1/2009  11:19:07 AM  Them: DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND STOP
5/1/2009  11:19:17 AM  Them: STOP MESSAGING ME
5/1/2009  11:21:57 AM  Them: please
5/1/2009  11:21:57 AM  Them: stop
5/1/2009  11:23:27 AM  Them: k?
5/1/2009  11:25:17 AM  Them: OKAY <expletive>ER????????????????
5/1/2009  11:37:52 AM  Them: ...
5/1/2009  11:38:33 AM  Them: <expletive> face?
5/1/2009  11:39:24 AM  Me: last pages printed... off to the cop shop!
5/1/2009  11:39:49 AM  Them: STOP <expletive>ING MESSAGING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/1/2009  11:40:01 AM  Me: says the woman who keeps IMing me out of the blue
5/1/2009  11:40:41 AM  Them: STOP <expletive>ING IM'ING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/1/2009  11:47:38 AM  Them: ./quit
5/1/2009  11:53:31 AM  Them: ./quit
5/1/2009  11:55:16 AM  Them: ./quit
5/1/2009  12:00:24 PM  Them: ./quit
5/1/2009  1:23:16 PM  Them: stop messaging me bakka

Is what you see above enough to report to the police? No... but some threats that I won't be repeating here were made, threats that she's not likely to make good on... but in case she does, I felt it important to have official documentation of them to establish a history of this kind of behavior.

The interesting thing (to me) is that even while at the police station reporting this (arrived there 11:55, left ~1:00 (they made me wait a bit it being lunch hour and all))... she continued to attempt to harass me.

At present... I have her blocked on Messenger, at some point in the future I will probably remove the block just to see if she's still trying to get my goat or worse.

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