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Seattle area oddities – the homeless

Since moving out to Redmond last year I’ve encountered countless oddities that were quite different than what I’d come to know in South Dakota and Minnesota... a few weeks back I finally put words to something that I'd not been able to quite explain... the homeless and other beggars here are not of the sort I've seen in past.

Despite being raised Catholic (and still technically caucusing with them for cultural and family reasons)... I am not a God fearing man... the same it seems can be said for the homeless/beggars around here... or their intended audience.

Over the years I always found it... interesting when the majority of street/exit side beggars would end their cardboard sign with the words “god bless”... it occurred to not long before writing this post (but several weeks before posting it I fear) that since moving to Redmond, I’ve not seen a single sign that ends that way.

Does this mean that the homeless/beggars are not particularly religious themselves... or they believe that such words might turn off potential donors?

Truly I am no longer in Kansas, Madison, or Sioux Falls anymore.

And this all being said by a non-religious, non-God-fearing but still (most) religion respecting guy.

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