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June 2005 - Posts

  • Roadtrip

    Well, I'm off to Texas for a week. It should be quite an interesting trip, considering we're about to turn up our largest client to date. Working on a project of this size has been quite an eye opener, as Drew would say I've learned about 2 years in 2 weeks (more like 5 years in a year, but you get the point).

    One thing I've never really like about traveling is it feels like such a waste of a day just sitting in airports and airplanes not getting anything done. But, this time I'm ready I've got FeedDemon loaded up with content that I've been wanting to catch up on, I've got a ton of Ruby examples and code to look through as I try to see just what all the hype is about, and I've downloaded a bunch of podcasts to my shiny new MP3 player. So hopefully that keeps me occupied. Judging by how late I'm posting this you'd think I'd want to sleep. Now I just have to hope all my batteries stay charged...including my internal one

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