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August 2005 - Posts

  • Software patents are bad bad bad

    Software patents are wrong on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin. Which is why it really distresses me to see Microsoft playing the patent game so aggressively. Dan sent me an article where a guy from MSFT stated that they were hoping to up their patent filing to 3000 per year. But my favorite part of the article was this:

    “Patents are about maintaining market share and preventing others competing effectively,” he said.”

    Preventing competition...really isn't that kind of say a monopoly...

    I guess in my mind Microsoft you're being a bunch of pussies. If you are afraid of competition then do something about it. Make your products better and cheaper than anything out there. Don't go crying to the government to protect your business. But to be fair some remarkably innovative ideas have come out of MSFT that I can certainly see why they would want to protect them. Things such as displaying numbers using a bold font....what nonsense

  • This is a great idea

    The folks over at bluesecurity have come up with a nice way to strike back at spammers (which in my opinion bairly deserve to be called human). I'm definately getting in on the beta, check it out.
  • Winforms databinding 2.0 resources

    I've been digging into databinding in winforms 2.0 and haven't had much luck finding anything that did much to explain it...until today. But I stumbled across some good links here (left hand side under Smart Client Data Articles)


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