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July 2005 - Posts

  • Attn MSDN Subscribers

    Just saw on Rob Caron's blog that the VPC images for Team System are available in the subscriber downloads section.
  • Woohoo a new computer

    I'm so pleased, I finally got my new computer at work. Now the migration begins.

    Here's the list of my essential tools that  are going on my system.

    Visual Studio 6.0 (we have much legacy code yet)

    Visual Studio 2003

    Firefox with DeveloperTools

    .NET Reflector




    SVNService - because I like to have my own private repository



    Windows Desktop Search




    Watir - A web testing framework written in ruby

    Virtual PC 2004

    Edit: Almost forgot one


  • Good Rules

    I was reading Scott Hanselman's blog today and he posted the 25 Rules of Management. I found it interesting to read all these and realize how many of them I break....daily....I especially agree with rule 2. I must confess that I am guilty of breaking rule 18, and after reflecting on it...the rule is probably right. I know I've "cc" someone's boss when emailing them before for the sole purpose of accountability (there are probably other reasons for doing it which are valid but I think this is what the rule is getting at) when really I should just email the person and instead of cluttering the boss's inbox go talk to them if there is a problem that needs resolving. Doing the "cc" really just puts the problem in someone else's hands...which is not something I particularily like to do...

    I also want to comment on rule's 6 and 11. I have been fortunate in that I have always had a good boss, and it has never been difficult to give him/her the straight scoop. As far as rule 11 many times have you been in a meeting and several tasks were "talked about" but no one truly took ownership? I always try to do a recap at the end of meetings to verify who will do what...and then write it down....this has been very helpful.

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