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  • Linux boot hangs at /etc/rc.local

    Last night I changed my display settings on my laptop for our user group meeting.

    However, the settings I had chosen started causing me problems the next time I rebooted.

    For the record I'm running Linux Mint Daryna 021 Beta

    During the boot the system would stop at "running scripts in /etc/rc.local" From there if I hit enter I would be greeted with a login prompt.

    At this point I didn't even think to try startx which would have quickly told me the problem. But I figured it must have something to do with my display since that was what i had last been messing with.

    Fortunately I had my MintCD handy so I popped that in and booted up. I then loaded up meld and started doing diffs between the live cd /etc directory and my own.

    Sure enough there were my changes in /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    I replaced the copy on disk with the copy from the live cd;reboot and viola I'm back in business.

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