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Servlet programming

Ayende mentioned disliking the JSP servlet model last week and I must say I agree with him. As I type this I'm downloading eclipse. Why, you might ask? well once upon a time about 3 years ago or so I had developed some JSP's and now it's time to go in and make some changes to them.

I remember back when I was first writing these cursing myself because I couldn't use webforms and had to do all this manual Request.Form and if action == "save" processing (now that I have MonoRail I curse webforms for much the same reasons.

At this point the code base is small enough and the amount of changes large enough that I intend to just move everything over to Rails. My preference would be to use MonoRail, but the site must run on linux and I don't have the extra time to learn mono and get all the MonoRail stuff working over there, so Rails it is. Besides I have never developed a full scale rails app, I've only played around with tutorials etc so it should be fun.


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